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Peter Bushell the developer of Q-Squared is an International Quality Consultant who has gained some thirty (30) years of experience in helping organisations through the process of obtaining the International Standard known in today's market as ISO 9001:2008. However, as costs have escalated over the years this has caused the gap to widen between the Corporate and their vendor supplier. Peter decided to develop a program called "Q-Squared" that could be used by all parties concerned. 

The first point was to make his version affordable world wide. The second, to make it easy to compile a Quality Management System (QMS) with minimal effort by using a Step-By- Step, DIY and Working Examples of what to do. Thirdly, if so desired without having to employ a Quality Assurance Manager or even a Consultant to help with the implementation process.  His final point was to assist all in helping to drive their Quality Costs down and automatically improve their profitability.

Thus, being more  efficient and productive within their own market place. It has taken Peter Bushell some four (4) years to develop, test and trial so that Q-Squared when used by companies either Service and/or Product industry related were Certified by the second largest Certification Body in the World (SGS-Geneva, Switzerland). To conclude, there are no excuses for the SMME's to say that ISO is expensive and/or time consuming as 80% of the work has been compiled already and the balance there are numerous working examples to follow.