The Author, Innovator, Architect, Coach, Speaker & Entrepreneur

Peter R Bushell,                                                                                                                   A highly regarded change management specialist, an architect of 50+ products of which 20 have their own ISB Numbers, a sought-after coach, keynote conference and motivational speaker.

Peter’s approach to strategy is to be at the face, the action end of operations rather than not. The compilation of theory is recognised once the history, the now and the future can be clearly defined. Peter, has a results driven style of management (without the frills) that bears fruit almost immediately and has a canny sixth sense to make constructive change if, or when required on behalf of his clients.

Peter’s management skills have been linked to President’s, HOD’s, Investor’s, Chairmen, CEO’s, MD’s, Directors, Business Owner’s, Manager’s, Supervisor’s, Foremen and staff from all walks of life.

Having developed a clear set of products that can be used to benefit a small, medium or corporate type organisation’s he set out to have these products trialled, audited, verified and approved via three independent “Certification” bodies, plus private institutions with their written approval and endorsements.

In each product developed three ingredients apply. They are;

Make it “Fast” without compromising quality or integrity
Keep it “Simple” for most to understand and apply
Deliver it “Affordably” in a manner that suits the customer

The dynamics of today’s market suggest that growth and quality standards are showing wear and tear.

What is required to put things right? Is the International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO) the answer?

Many companies implement ISO and obtain “Certification” because, it assures customers that the organisation has a good Management System (MS) in place regardless of which ISO Standard is obtained. An organisation with an effective MS will typically meet customer expectations better than organisations without one and in most cases insist their suppliers of choice to have a minimum of ISO 45001 & 9001 Certification.

Eighty percent (80%) of organisations are not able to afford ISO. Furthermore obtaining an ISO Certification is cumbersome and slow.  It is safe to say this reflects poorly on product and service quality, delivery, productivity, efficiency, waste etc.
In order to address these issues and having being actively involved as an (ISO) consultant in a global market for some 20 years, Peter decided to establish Three Tiers Consultants (3Tiers) in 2003. He focused his energy and attention on the issues at hand and developed a range of MS products and became an architect of (SME) small, medium enterprise products for local and global use.

To date, pride of place falls with re-engineered ISO standards better known as SHERQ.

The SHERQ product is known as a “Pack” which has the desired effect of reaching organisations of any size, in any type of industry or sector as a “Do ISO Yourself” (DIY) “Pack” that is simple, affordable, fast, proven, verified and audited.

The SHERQ pack, has the ability to be broken down into three tiers:

Primary, is “Competence”.                                                                                           Secondary, is “Intermediate”.                                                                                 Thirdly, is “Compliance” (all offering a certificate prior to “Certification”).

At any stage, organisations can be assisted in determining where and what criteria governs their starting point on the ladder.

Peter realised that organisations required simple yet dynamic reminders as opposed to long winded authors. Employing psychological techniques, deploying pictorials, speeding the process of delivery and incorporating one liner sentences for planting a seed(s).

The SHERQ pack, is an educational instrument/device catering for all  personnel within organisations including, those who have learning difficulties by retaining product simplicity.

As a result of Customer Value Proposition (CVP) extended by the organisation to its customers and aspiring towards delivery of service excellence, the organisation continues to experience growth opportunities.

The business operates from its office in Gauteng.

3Tiers- vision is to be the SHERQ service provider of choice which is achievable through service excellence and by building a customer focused organisation which promotes and offers quality and value-for-money services by professional and committed staff, whose aim is to satisfy the needs of all of our customers.

The realisation of our vision, 3Tiers believe that:
Skills Development Implementation through workplace training and development is fundamental to 3Tiers and assists in our customer’s success.

Our Mission
3Tiers will achieve its vision through service excellence by building a customer centric business, which promotes and offers value for money products and services that satisfies the needs of its customers through professional and committed staff.