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Peter R Bushell a practising specialist in, “Change Management” for more than thirty-five (35+) years believes by using International Standard’s (SHERQ) or parts thereof, is core for any organisation wishing to compete for “Tenders” or becoming a “Supplier” of choice or both.

More importantly, it complies with legal requirements especially ISO 45001:2018-Cause 7.2 Competence where by an organisation must determine the competence requirements for those workers that affect, or could affect, its OH&S performance. This requirement also pertains to workers operating under the control of the organisation such as contractors, agency workers, etc.

Once these competence  requirements have been determined the organisation must then ensure that those workers posses the necessary competence, including the ability to identify hazards, on the basis of appropriate education, training or experience.

It is imperative that all workers have the knowledge and skills required to identify hazards and manage the OH&S risks associated with their work and workplace.

If workers are deemed not to be competent, the organisation is required to take action e.g. refresher/remedial training, recruitment of additional personnel or hiring/contracting of external expertise in order to acquire the necessary competence.

The actions taken to raise competence to the required level need to be evaluated for effectiveness by means of assessment of competence of the workers by observing them undertake the relevant tasks following the prescribed training. Including not least education, training, knowledge and experience to undertake the role and the re-training necessary to maintain competence. Incorporating the work environment. The preventative and control measures arising from the risk assessment process and more…

Peter has engineered a suite of products called (acronym), “SHERQ” for all types of organisations be they from manufacturing or service industries. SHERQ comprises of four (4) ISO Standards as seen below:

Typical Examples

ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety (SH); ISO 14001 Environment (E); ISO 31000:2018 Risk (R); ISO 9001 Quality (Q); can be applied individually or integrated such as SHE; SHER or SHERQ and more…

Efficient Application

Having to apply, maintain and reduce costs has always been a painful experience to many… that is, until now. An “Efficient” application for secured use. Speed to market and affordability are serious contenders when developing a series of products that assist organisations through their processes, in obtaining an International Standard.

Essential ingredients

  • Delivering a version of ISO that is secured via a cloud base system .
  • Making a version of ISO which is quickly and easily accessible when compiling a Management System with minimal effort when following Step-By-Step instructions and Working Examples of what to do.
  • A (DIY) Do-ISO-Yourself.
  • Assist organisations, drive their costs down by minimising wastes.
  • Improving efficiency and  productivity.
  • Measured (ROI) performance, growth and profitability.

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